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Did the meeting General questions 6/2017

6/2017 General questions at the meeting. Look in public or broadcast over the Internet, etc. 6/19(Moon) 15-1 at Iwata City Hall 6F, main Conference Hall. About the vision of the city's population demographic changes and corrective actions (1) (1) in the population of the city on the following. 0/1985, 0/2005, 0/2015 child population, productive age population and aging population and their percentage. -Demonstrates the population vision 2020, 2040, and 2060 in goal the birth rate and number of births. Each year another, younger age population and aging population ratio. (2) ask affected by changes in the population of the future city. Also get a idea how we communicate to citizens how citizens can respond to these changes to increase. (2) young families want to increase efforts towards (1) get a view about the economic burden of child-rearing that is larger. (2) the study costs of children pay for parents in the city's public elementary schools and junior high schools for information and opinion to hear. (3) second child in nursery school, kindergarten, third child care fee mitigations, get current status and future directions. (4) current state of waiting children in nursery schools, also especially 0-year-old child, 1-year-old during the fiscal year of the children's situation and countermeasures to ask. (5) many thought to ask about financial aid to children and parenting support. (6) children's insurance has become a hot topic, but get the concept of this proposal the Mayor's views. (7) cabinet creating a system to improve the birth rate, the number of births and Office at children and child-raising Division focuses on declining in many fields, but as the city's younger generation family and don't want to be natural, now, necessary measures and issues get a view. (3) can be active and senior community …