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Did the meeting General questions 9/2016

9/2016 General questions at the meeting. Look in public or broadcast over the Internet, etc. 9/16() 12-1 at Iwata City Hall 6F, main Conference Hall. Promotion of the development of human resources by utilizing the "book" (1) childhood reading (1) status quo and challenges to ask about the reading measures for parents. (2) visit of kindergarten and nursery garden library. (3) visit to gather, such as parenting support center, Department of Pediatrics, children's library of the future. (2) promotion of elementary and middle school students reading about (1) arrangement of issues, school librarians school libraries to ask. Also ask about this disposal and replacement. (2) visit and future prospects of the cooperation of school libraries and the public library. (3) foreign children, and future prospects of the service to the returnee children to hear. And (4) of the Library Center and after-school partnership challenges and public library to hear. (3) on the promotion of reading for high school students (1) ask the cooperation of library of available measures of high school students, and high school library and municipal library of. (2) get a idea from this corner of the learning support centre in the town of about. (4) on promoting the use of the public library (1) ask the cooperation of Shizuoka Sangyo University colleges and libraries in other cities and towns. …