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2-do the meeting General questions

2/2016 General questions at the meeting. Look in public or broadcast over the Internet, etc. 3/8(Fire) 10-1 at Iwata City Hall 6F, main Conference Hall. About thinking on population change, Iwata-Shi (1), Iwata-city population vision (1) hear candid thoughts as mayor against the population vision. (2) ask the opinion of "Fuji especially fertility breakthrough strategic compass". (3) get a promotion organization to think of the city's population. Also, hear about the cooperation with neighboring cities and towns. (4) the reaction of the population vision young workers to ask. Also upcoming, young officials how development should, or hear the findings. (5) get a reaction of the citizens against the population vision and view of it. (6) how to tell the future's city's young people, especially young people, as well as the population vision and commitment to get act together to hear. Also the view of the Executive Committee of young 草莽 school experience a coming of age ceremony, consistently getting involved in the community, "(tentative name) regional youth Conference" of ask the opinion of the implementation. (2) on education for our children to live the next era (1) hear population vision, again children to what young people have grown to expect. (2) get a idea how tell the population vision for the Faculty and staff, and have put in the field. (3) ask the opinion of support after the compulsory education keep up with growth. (4) ask automating evaluation of the effect of education and achievements, how can you advice on education to the young people who grew up in the Iwata education?. 2. Hear the status quo have been dealing with information society (1) to respond to the information society in kawagoe city, challenges, and future initiatives. …

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