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2015September this year

9/2015 will be meeting General questions

9/2015 General questions notification proceedings in Parliament and video see the page below. 1. Revitalization of the area by the activity of the citizens (1) get a number of non-profit organizations in the city and NPO and number of people involved and the assessment. (2) ask stands for "active citizens" to increase an interest in civil activities, initiatives and challenges. (3) for promotion to the citizenship of children and young people participating in the junior high school student volunteers, young 草莽 school participants, coming of age ceremony participants and cannot be connected to future active citizens, or think to ask. (4) hear thoughts about positioning for the collaborative community development community development Council to operate in the area and residents ' Association. (5) get a collaborative proposal development present situation and challenges. Also get the status of the follow-up projects so far and proposed organization. (6) on the initial support of the citizens activity group initiatives, visit problems. (7) thinking leads to further promotion of activities of civil organizations, expand efforts toward solving the problems faced by the Government and efforts to bridge the gap between the charge and the transmission of information to the research of the activities of the citizens of the other regions by the Government and citizens to ask. (8) get the idea to work vigorously to further community or civic activities. ? 2. Activation of Futian port area (1) hear (tentative name) "sea"of basics concept. Also visit or enters a koban on the beach, features are added that the concept and building specifications were changed. (2) the mode of operation (tentative name) "Hall of the seaside" and "Beach police station, ask. (3) get a revenue plan (tentative name) "Hall of the seaside". Get a detailed insight in the costs hits particularly hit income rent subsidies and costs. (4) ask any effects to the area of the facility, and voices are already out. Enjoy fishing, beach and surfers (5) if the voices of users, such as how to how to ask. (6) what is the name of the institution decides how we hear. (7) "wipe out I" and in management and other facilities related to. (8) get or how we recognize future aims of Futian port area. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.