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2018年6月27日 : 6/2018 gave a general question

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2017On June 19. : Did the meeting General questions 6/2017

2017In April, 3 pm : The video comes up

2017年3月14日 : Held a general rally

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"General questions and questions.

Is the General asked the lawmakers, such as the situation of the city's future direction and policy proposals, Executive, Mayor directly bring swag. That comes with this hearing, Mayor of City line financial General and regional. Scene in Iwata City Council, is where most legislators individual claims and ways of thinking.
You can hear the Mayor's idea, representing the parliamentary group representatives asked the. Time is determined by the members of the parliamentary group.

  平成30年 6月定例会
1 磐田市の未来を拓く戦略づくり
(1) 総合計画について
(2) 磐田市まち・ひと・しごと創生総合戦略について
(3) 新市まちづくり計画について
(4) 持続可能な体質強化のための行財政改革の推進について
(5) 戦略作りにおけるプロセスについて

2 これからの公共施設の在り方
(1) 公共施設マネジメントの推進について

  6/2017 general membership meeting.
(9 times)
1. Changes in the population and countermeasures
(1) vision of the city's population
(2) young families want to increase efforts towards
(3) can be active and senior community

2. Tell the public, listen to the voice of the citizens initiative
(1) how "telling citizens"
(2) how "hear voices"
(3) enhancement of other taxation towards

  11/2016 general membership meeting.
1 from this growing community
(1) development of municipal administration verification
(2) financial estimation of 0/2017
(3) development of administrative management flexibility to accommodate changes in organization and personnel

2 city, and the region increased self-governing powers devising
(1) in cooperation with citizens, local community

3 children can develop healthy community
(1) improving the child support
(2) education to the children, our future

4 citizens live and lively community
(1) devising a system of support
(2) persons with disabilities even easier to live regions

Five young people who can demonstrate power community
(1) assistance with difficult children and youth

The development of industries have hope in the future 6
(1) promote growth assistance to existing industries and businesses and new industries

7 the who safe community
(1) responding to declining infrastructure and land use, changes in the social environment
For crisis management and disaster-resilient communities (2)

  9/2016 general membership meeting.
(8 times)
1. Development of human resources by utilizing the "book"
(1) to promote childhood reading
(2) to promote reading in elementary and middle school students
(3) to promote reading for high school students
(4) promote the use of public library information
2. Sports promotion
(1) improvement of children's sports environment
(2) health and sports
(3) sports a new Plannig

  2/2016 general membership meeting.
(7th time)
1. Thinking on population change, Iwata-Shi
(1), Iwata-city population vision
(2) education to the children who will live in next times
2. Basic concepts of the General plan for the information society

  9/2015 general membership meeting.
(6th time)
1. Revitalization of local areas by citizens
2. Activation of the Futian port area

  2/2015 general membership meeting.
(5th time)
1.  Child rearing
2. Healthcare issues
3. The approach of the merger 10 years

  6/2014 general membership meeting.
(4th time)
One. From the JR station, community

  2/2014 general membership meeting.
(Three times)
One. Maximize the power of our hometown and Iwata from community
Two. Towards the city of sports

  9/2013 general membership meeting.
(2nd time)
One. The Mayor's political creed
Two. Emergency medical care
3. Iwata from their power community children and youth development home

  6/2013 general membership meeting.
(1st time)
1. Basic thinking of the comprehensive plan
Two. Towards the "community sports"