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Sponsorship Chairman OTA Ahn:(Former Iwata Association Federation of tenryu district mayor and former senju-do Association(H18/19)


And this Association, kusachi peace along with deepening mutual friendship among members, and sponsoring of political activities, contributing to the development of municipal administration and civic life and purpose the purpose.
-Do the issuance of meetings of Committee, discussion and bulletin for achieving the purpose of the Association.
And remaining with the donation of this without charging a fee.


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 Individual donations please

In the supporters ' Association, Kusachi Hiroaki is seeking private donations to support distance.
All cost of individual activities, such as magazine and mailing addresses, Web site management, and advanced Earth observation has become a personal burden.
Think widen even more activity from this difficult period because it wants to meet the expectations of the citizens.
Is serving the cooperation of individual donations, below the account payment please ask.
If possible, also the name address please complete the greatly appreciated.
Valuable contributions from everyone on the political fund control law will receive the donations of more than $ 50000 per year if report listed names, etc., so we all know please.
And election donations from large companies that is supposed to be on the law, not even aware please.
By all means please help thank you.

♦ account
Iwata shinkin Bank(1511)West Branch(037) 
Typically it's 5036342
Kusachi Hiro Aki supporters ' Association President Hiroaki kusachi

Kusachi Hiro Aki supporters ' Association President Hiroaki kusachi