Don't forget the basics

This page: began political activity in the 1/2013 think not is.
'Forget the basics, since all' my origins as always promote the congressmen's activities.

20Years from now, looking forward!

Kusachi Hiroaki, my love hometown and Iwata, Akio was born and raised in this Iwata.
Thoughts ever want than what the city energetic, charming streets, Iwata, do not, work through jubilo Iwata Memorial Marathon, volunteers are "not wata雪 Festival" of striven to energy of the city, in the management.
However, from this 20 years from now, could not but could continue life when coming of age children born now, the 50-year-old I love Iwata is whether they can rest assured that everyone do this feeling and activity ever been unnerving.
This uneasy feeling not only to Iwata now thinking to resolve 20 years ahead of Iwata city, no. But this desire is can be performed not only of young people 20 years to continue living in Iwata have sole responsibility from now on, will run in. And I together, 20 years ahead with this desire, believe that my mission is the city while listening to the opinions of everyone living in this town.
Have a responsibility to make livable than what city this Iwata to me and be proud.
20Years ahead of smiling, energetic Iwata, will remain so! The challenge now Gracile! Change Gracile! It is.

Create the next generation's children. After fourth grade elementary school children are also over 10 years will be 20-year-old. And 20 years later is still 30 years old.
Develop human resources from Iwata in the world to fly because right now, with the further globalization of education, moral education, and vocational education enhance pride and community for graduates.
Also promotes activities in sports and culture enhanced things, children's activities to increase CSR confidence.

Vibrant city's times young was born in the heart. Children plays the town's future, young people are less and less the vibrant city also may gradually disappear.
That's why Iwata is aiming at increasing youth Street.
Things work fine for young people has, of course, live, create environment that can grow.
In addition, by making aggressive environment volunteers and young people outside of work for things that accelerate the rate of unwed and later marry birthrate and aging, creates opportunities to meet.

Young couples choose Iwata able environment in child-rearing, is decreasing.
"Was so good that if you lived in Iwata,! "" Than the city where support is substantial! "And the child-rearing help travellers feel.
Through the provision of places to get knowledge of children free of charge medical bills, counseling, nutrition education, such as parents, nursery and kindergarten teachers working in addition to creating an environment.

The whole city will have fine elderly smile! Creates a develop enhancing lifelong learning and promoting the expansion of environments to retire is a shame senior and community activities, sports environment where seniors can live and healthy forever.
Also, by attentive administrative services will respond to the elderly who live alone.

To create a disaster-resistant city that leads to the citizens ' sense of security. Countermeasures against tsunami reinforce partnerships with companies to promote, stacking in warehouses.
And do not think of is after a disaster. Information dissemination to strengthen emergency volunteers from across the country and the media is important, and I felt throughout eastern Japan earthquake. City officials dispatched to continue to tackle reconstruction from now, East Japan, never had a chance to secure views training personnel.

I'm actually speaking of Iwata city that comes to mind as a sports city municipalities ranking second highest in Japan! * 1
Jubilo Iwata machizukuri planning as jubilo Iwata Memorial Marathon strived fervently to the revitalization of the city develop as a result in a customer satisfaction survey of participating runners ranked, more than 300 events in the evaluation of the national 9th place was. * 2
Quality of the marathon, said the quality of administrative power and civil power. Can be in Japan in the future strive to continue and improve.
Also promoted the revival of the small sports competitions at the regional level and to increase the sports population, citizens, such as promotion of environmental improvement of junior sports clubs and support better ties through sports, increase the Iwata citizens healthy and energetic!

* 1 brand Research Institute research regional brand survey 2011
* 2 monthly runners 'repo 2012.