Defeats to win
Unify("You never truly know the always run with that do not know, do not know yet" that four-character idioms)
Love yourself, love your neighbor(Love of neighbor, and I is a parishioner of the Soto sect, nursery in which Christianity was)

[TV shows]
Family history, tamori, good luck whatever appraisal mission, and mildew was immediately FC


Jubilo Iwata Memorial marathons, as Secretary of the new course to hang around

Young Gracile network-WIN-in "not wata雪 Festival" was held

 Other volunteer experience.

Not watayuki Festival Executive Committee(0/2007-21 years)
Young Gracile network representative(0/2009-25 years)
Shizuoka Prefecture planning officers(0/2011 ~)
Shizuoka Prefectural Bandai, nagatanishi high school School Board(0/2011-28 years)
Vice President, Iwata-City Athletic Association(0/2015 ~)
Iwata-Shi fire Orchestra in spring army Mission III: members(0/2014 ~)
General incorporated association Iwata Youth Chamber membership (0/2013-)

Propaganda activities

The local fire brigade activities

 The last name of the Kusachi

Grassland surname is often told in Okayama Prefecture.
Okayama Prefecture kibi-Cho, Chuo takatomi's grandfather loyalty(Old kamogawa)Born in the war machine to the edge and toyohama Fukuda-Cho, then managing the electronics shop in Fukuda town, was making a living. Father Justice also had a electronics shop.
Original last name grassland is Oita-bungo Takada grassland.(Kusaji)Kusachi Zhuang had started at and has said not sure. I'm still have a "grass dance" in bungotakada Kusachi area. Want to visit once.