Defeats to win
Unify("You never truly know the always run with that do not know, do not know yet" that four-character idioms)
Love yourself, love your neighbor(Love of neighbor, and I is a parishioner of the Soto sect, nursery in which Christianity was)

[TV shows]
Family history, tamori, good luck whatever appraisal mission, and mildew was immediately FC

 Other volunteer experience.


Jubilo Iwata Memorial marathons, as Secretary of the new course to hang around

Young Gracile network-WIN-in "not wata雪 Festival" was held

Not watayuki Festival Executive Committee(0/2007-21 years)
Young Gracile network representative(0/2009-25 years)
Shizuoka Prefecture planning officers(0/2011 ~)
Shizuoka Prefectural Bandai, nagatanishi high school School Board(0/2011-28 years)
Vice President, Iwata-City Athletic Association(0/2015 ~)
Iwata-Shi fire Orchestra in spring army Mission III: members(0/2014 ~)

Propaganda activities

The local fire brigade activities

 The last name of the Kusachi

Grassland surname is often told in Okayama Prefecture.
Okayama Prefecture kibi-Cho, Chuo takatomi's grandfather loyalty(Old kamogawa)Born in the war machine to the edge and toyohama Fukuda-Cho, then managing the electronics shop in Fukuda town, was making a living. Father Justice also had a electronics shop.
Original last name grassland is Oita-bungo Takada grassland.(Kusaji)Kusachi Zhuang had started at and has said not sure. I'm still have a "grass dance" in bungotakada Kusachi area. Want to visit once.